JR 20 Series Nihonkai Sleeper Express Coach Set (6) By Kato | Code: K10-1353 | N Gauge

  • JR 20 Series Nihonkai Sleeper Express Coach Set (6)
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Product information

Product code K10-1353
Manufacturer Kato
Product category Carriages/Coaches ,
Product scale N Gauge

Product description

10-1353 20 series sleeper express 20 "Yuzuru" is the second train sleeper as it departs from Uenoguchi in October 1965 (1965). At that time, since the AC electrification section was being extended on the Joban Line, the towing by the C62 was performed in the non-electric section of the flat to Sendai, and this became the last 20 series passenger cars towed by the C62 and became a topic. "Hatsutsuru" is the first Uenoguchi sleeper express that debuted in October 1964, one year before the appearance of "Yuzuru", and the rare Naha 20 is incorporated in the organization, and between Ueno and Aomori Through the Tohoku line. Operation with the 583 series began in 1968 (1968), and the 20 series passenger car used in "Hakutsuru" was diverted to "Yuzuru", replacing the organization used until then. 10-1353 Series 20 sleeper limited express Nahane 20 in combination with 6 additional sets, selection of vehicles in the basic set, combination of composition order, “Yuzuru” and “Hatsutsuru” in the early 1940s You can enjoy it. . Main features ? A car belonging to the Oku passenger car district around 1965-43 (1968) is a prototype. -Reproduce the form after the emergency exit remodeling at the end of Naha 20 with a new mold. ? Reproduces the palm room part of Nafah 20 in a more realistic form. ? The locomotive connected side of crab 21 and Nafah 20 uses a body mount coupler. Arnold coupler standard equipment, with replacement knuckle coupler. ? All intermediate connection surfaces use truck-mounted KATO coupler N JP B. ? Reproduce the crushing type waste disposal system. ? The seating section of the interior is reproduced in yellowish green on crab 21, green on narone 21 and blue on naha 20 and nahaf 20. ? The back sign has already been installed. Replacement "Hatsukuru" is attached. ? "Yuzuru" and "Hatsutsuru" head marks for DD51 and replacement license plates "560" and "561", "Hakutsuru" head marks for ED71 are included. ? 10-1353 Series 20 sleeper limited express Nahane 20 in combination with 6 additional sets, by selecting the vehicles in the basic set, changing the knitting order, you can organize the “Yuzuru” and “Hakutsuru” in the early 1940s. Composition is possible by preference. Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212