Wainwright D Class Southern Sunshine 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.1734 - OO Gauge

Manufactured by Dapol
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Wainwright D Class Southern Sunshine 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.1734

Exclusive Model

  • Livery: Southern Sunshine
  • Running Number: 1734

Models will have NEM coupling pockets, Next-18 Decoder socket, ‘pullout’ PCB and solderless speaker (plus provision for customer to fit Bass reflex speaker in tender). Locomotives will feature a firebox flicker effect. Another feature is the drawbar between the locomotive and tender which is of a new ‘pinless’ type carrying the electrical connection. Dapol are the first manufacturer to use this type of drawbar on a British outline OO scale locomotive. To couple the locomotive to the tender it is necessary to connect on it on a straight piece of track to enable them to be pushed together.

The model of the D Class has been produced by a partnership of Dapol Ltd, Locomotion Models and Rails of Sheffield Ltd.

No OO scale D Class locomotive has been available before ready to run.

It has been produced using the preserved No. 737 in association with a team of expert contributors from museum and specialist modellers.

Delivery is expected in early 2021 and our aim is to produce the model for less than £200 (subject to £ / USA $ exchange rates on delivery)

Prototype Information

51 locomotives D Class 4-4-0 locomotives were built between February 1901 and March 1907 during the Wainwright period by the South Eastern & Chatham Railway. The design work for these locomotives was carried out at the SE & CR Ashford Works under the direction of the company’s Locomotive, Carriage & Wagon Superintendent, Harry S Wainwright (1864 -1925). Wainwright held the post from 1899 until his retirement in 1913. However, the design was undertaken by Surtees, who was the SE & CR Chief Draughtsman, having held a similar position with the London, Chatham & Dover Railway before it amalgamated with the South Eastern Railway in 1913 to become the SE & CR.