JR E5/E6 Shinkansen Double Track Starter Set By Kato | Code: K10-031 | N Gauge

  • JR E5/E6 Shinkansen Double Track Starter Set
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Product information

Product code K10-031
Manufacturer Kato
Product category Diesel/Electric Loco ,
Product scale N Gauge

Product description

10-031 E5 Shinkansen "Hayabusa" · E6 Shinkansen "Komachi" Double track starter set We will introduce a set of introductory sets and a dual-track starter set, which is an introductory grade for enjoying two trains of the E5 series "Hayabusa" and the E6 series "Komachi" simultaneously on the double track. A complete set of PC sleepers with double tracks and power pack standard SX with a double-track PC double track, and a luxury total set containing vehicles, you can enjoy the passing driving of 2 trains and the simultaneous driving seen in a real car immediately. The combination of various track sets and structures makes it possible to expand the track plan at will, so it is recommended for those who start N gauge from now on. Main features -Popular E5 series and E6 series . A new style starter set where you can enjoy 2 trains simultaneously on a double track. Passing is also good, combined driving is also good. A set of starters upstairs that enjoy two trains representing the Tohoku Shinkansen at the same time. · Green and red. In contrasting coloring , full organization is completed with the addition of additional sets. · E5 and E6 have the same vehicle configuration as the existing basic set (3 cars) respectively. Full organization is completed by the addition of additional sets. The basic specifications of the vehicle are the same as and . · The track is a large radius (R414 / 381mm) and concrete (PC) sleepers and cant (tilt) are used with the popular double track. (853 mm × 1597 mm) Line set configuration: WS248 PC × 5, WS124 PC × 1, WS62 PC × 1, WS62 FPC × 1, WR414 / 381PCAL × 2, WR414 / 381PCAR × 2, WR414 / 381PC × 6, Relayer × 1 (Unifyer Remove with) - two power packs inside and outside of the second line separately controlled. Two train passing can be easily reproduced. The power pack of the set adopts "Power pack standard SX" and "AC adapter for exclusive use of starter set" of high output (1.2A) corresponding to long organization. 16 double arch wide arch overhead line pillars are attached, and the production of actual vehicle driving is boosted. Common package size with M1 master set (size width 390mm x height 355mm x depth 110mm) · Quick start guide (instruction manual), plan variation guide included ? E5 series "Hayabusa" Basic set (3 cars) E523-2 + E525-102 (M) + E514-2 (Gran-class) The shape of the head with distinctive features, the skirt shape that completely covered the carriage part, large size Pantograph cover, painting of unique color tone (Tokiwa green / Tobikun white) etc. accurately reproduce head / taillights on ? E6 series "Komachi" basic set (3 cars) E611-6 + E628-6 (M) + E621-6 Innovative style and coloring with Akane color as main, and symbol mark on the side of the vehicle are vividly reproduced. Head / tail light on Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212