Maunsell Coach BR Brake Composite Crimson/Cream 6574 By Dapol | Code: 2P-012-675 | N Gauge

  • Maunsell Coach BR Brake Composite Crimson/Cream 6574
  • Maunsell Coach BR Brake Composite Crimson/Cream 6574
  • Maunsell Coach BR Brake Composite Crimson/Cream 6574
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Product information

Product code 2P-012-675
Manufacturer Dapol
Product category BR Coaches , Carriages/Coaches ,
Product scale N Gauge

Product description

The Southern Railway Maunsell carriage was the first design family of railway carriages built by Southern Railway (SR) in the United Kingdom. Following grouping in 1923, SR had continued to build carriages to the designs of the previous three main companies (the London and South Western Railway, London Brighton and South Coast Railway and South Eastern and Chatham Railway railways), and the Maunsell carriage was intended to be the standard carriage design for use across the Southern Railway lines, incorporating the best features of each of the former companies' designs.

The body frame was mostly made of wood with steel sheeting, the roof was made of wood with canvas over it, the guard and luggage compartments had a width of 8 ft 7in, with pressed steel duckets between the differences in widths from luggage to passenger compartments. The decision about the gangways was decided in January 1924 with Pullman Gangways being adopted.

MODEL These beautiful Southern Region coaches each come with their own unique running numbers. Complete with gold door handles and window details, these coaches really stand out on any railway and due to there high detail they are a great addition to your rolling stock. These coaches are extremely smooth running thanks to the advanced bogie sets and copper bearings

To add extra realism you can decrease the gap between the corridors by using the plastic adapters included in the box and extending the corridor connections.

The DCC Compatible Plug-In Lighting Bars are an optional extra and can be easily fitted to illuminate the coach from within. The light bar are available in either yellow, for incandescent lighting, or white, for modern lighting.

Additional coaches can be purchased to increase the length of the rake giving you the option to have a 12 coach train with no duplicated running numbers


  • Light Bar Ready
  • Full Interior Detail
  • Metal Wheels with copper bearings
  • Detailed Printing and Livery Detail
  • Highly detailed body, underframe, and bogies
  • NEM pockets complete with both standard and knuckle style couplings


  • WIDTH 18mm
  • HEIGHT 26mm

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