Car Flat FVV B745684 BR Motorail - OO Gauge By Oxford Rail | Code: OR76CAR003

  • Car Flat FVV B745684 BR Motorail
  • Car Flat FVV B745684 BR Motorail
  • Car Flat FVV B745684 BR Motorail
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Product information

Product code OR76CAR003
Manufacturer Oxford Rail
Product category Truck/Wagon
Product scale OO Gauge

Product description

BR Carflat wagons were built between 1959 and 1975. Our version Diag 1/088 represents 340 wagons built to Diagram 1/088 specifically on ex-LMS 57ft chassis with 9ft bogies (other chassis types were used to the same diagram and more Carflats were built to other diagrams). The Carflats to this particular diagram were built from 1964 to 1968.

Finished in BR Motorail blue with Black underframes, after a number of years in operation with rust, worn lettering and weathering building up. This version would have entered use in 1965 after conversion at Horwich Works. TOPS Code FVX

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