NEXT 18 Decoder 11/06/2021

NEXT 18 decoder joins the Rails Connect Decoder range!

Available to purchase single or in a bargain six pack.

RoS-N18 NEXT 18 features:

  • Next-18 Direct Connection
  • 1.1 Amps Peak Power (750mA Continuous)
  • 4 Functions at 100mA Each
  • Nano Size - Connects Directly to the 18-Pin Connection
  • Advanced Brown-Out Protection (Like having a built in stay alive)

Ideal for:

  • 2mm and 4mm Locomotives with N18 Connections
  • Very Simple Installation - Plug and Play for Smooth Running "Out of the Box"


  • Length - 17mm
  • Width - 11mm
  • Thickness - 4mm (with connection interface)

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