SECR Open Wagons 28/05/2021

Rapido Trains UK have today announced the first ‘OO’ gauge ready-to-run Southern Region open wagons made to 21st Century standards. What’s more, they’re the first Rapido Trains UK products to be designed in the UK.

Say hello to the South Eastern & Chatham seven-planks (Southern Railway Diagram. 1355) and their five-plank cousins, the (SR) Dias. 1347/1349s.

View the D1347 5 Plank Wagons HERE

View the D1355 7 Plank Wagons HERE

The Dia. 1355 was the SECR’s most numerous wagon. Over 2,000 were built between 1915 and 1927. The only design change that the Southern Railway made was to add a sheet rail.

The five-plank wagons used the same underframe but were technically classified as ‘rebuilds’ (only wheels and buffers were re-used). Some 550 Dia. 1347s were built, along with 150 near-identical Dia. 1349s.

Both designs lasted into BR days but whereas the five-planks had gone by the mid-1960s, the last seven-planks were not withdrawn until the 1970s. Both types were sold for further use, most notably with Port of Bristol Authority.