Dapol N Gauge Autocoaches 28/05/2021

Along with Dapols announcement of a new batch of B-set coach packs VIEW HERE they have also announced a new range of N Gauge Autocoaches!

Six versions are available to pre-order now:

  • 2P-004-014 Autocoach GWR Over Twin Cities Chocolate & Cream 187
  • 2P-004-015 Autocoach GWR Shirtbutton Chocolate & Cream 194
  • 2P-004-016 Autocoach Brown Orange Lining GWR Over Twin Cities
  • 2P-004-017 Autocoach GWR Great Crest Western Chocolate & Cream 192
  • 2P-004-018 Autocoach BR Carmine & Cream W193W No Insignia
  • 2P-004-019 Autocoach BR Maroon W190W No Insignia


An Autocoach could often be seen being propelled down many branch lines by a variety of auto fitted locomotives. The driving cab on the Autocoach meant that the locomotive could be controlled from there and negated the requirement to run the locomotive round at the end of the journey. This format was known as a push-pull train. Many of these Autocoaches survive into preservation.

The Dapol Autocoach features:

  • ? Detailed moulded body and chassis
  • ? Finely applied livery and decoration
  • ? NEM coupling
  • ? Separately applied wire hand rails