D Class Sound Samples 17/05/2021

We are pleased to release footage showcasing sound fitted Wainwright D class locomotives!


Six new videos have been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Final production samples of all seven versions of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway D Class 4-4-0 from the Dapol production line have been received. These have now completed extensive running trials and final checking. The models are currently on the sea and expected end May / early June!

  • 4S-027-001 SECR Green No.488 £199.99
  • 4S-027-002 Southern Lined Maunsell Olive Green No.1730 £199.99
  • 4S-027-003 BR Sunshine Black No.31731 £189.99
  • 4S-027-004 BR Lined Black Early Crest No.31574 £199.99
  • 4S-027-005 SECR Grey (Scraped Beading) No.726 £189.99
  • 4S-027-006 Southern Sunshine No.1734 £189.99

The orders books are almost full on several versions



We are pleased to offer a DCC SOUND UPGRADE option! If purchased, the locomotive will come factory installed with the DCC sound decoder along with two speakers. A sugar cube speaker in the locomotive and a bass reflex speaker in the tender.

The price of the sound upgrade will be £125.00

If you have already pre-ordered a locomotive and wish to upgrade to sound, please contact us via email phone (email preferred) and we can add the sound upgrade package to your order.

If you are yet to pre-order and wish to order a sound fitted locomotive, you will be required to add the selected locomotive to your basket along with the sound upgrade package.

Please note: The DCC sound upgrade cannot be purchased without the purchase of a locomotive. Once the models have been released and delivered to you, we are unable to add the sound package at a later date.