Rapido Trains UK OO Gauge APT-E 30/04/2021


Rapido Trains UK Announcement NEW OO Gauge APT-E


Can it really be five years since our APT-E hit the shelves? That intial run, our first UK project, sold out on pre-order. So we’re now giving those who missed out on the APT-E the first time around the chance to own one of these stunning models.

Originally produced as part of the National Collection In Miniature range, the National Railway Museum has given us permission to produce a fresh batch as a standalone Rapido Trains UK product. The APT-E is an iconic four-car gas-turbine train which achieved the British railway speed record in 1975. It was the beginning of British Rail’s quest for faster Rapido Trains UK is absolutely delighted to announce that the ‘OO’ gauge APT-E is back! ADVANCED PASSENGER TRAIN trains. In May 2013, the APT-E won the prestigious Engineering Heritage Award.

Our model was designed using laser 3D scanning with input from members of the original APT-E development team. Featuring a working tilt system, this ‘OO’ gauge APT-E model is every bit as revolutionary as the real thing. Two fourcar sets are being produced - one with sound and one without.


  • Two Power Cars, each with a five-pole, skew-wound motor and flywheel
  • Two Trailer Cars with articulated Swinging Arm Trailer Bogies
  • 3D scanned exterior for accurate body contours
  • Operating tilt mechanism and close coupling system
  • Full interior detail including illuminated test instrumentation
  • Working headlamps, tail lamps and interior lighting
  • Accurate sounds produced from archival footage
  • Designed for drop-in wheelset conversion to ‘P4’ and ‘EM’ scale
  • Working tilt system