Heljan OO Gauge Class 25 2nd Batch 20/04/2021

Just a few weeks after the first editions of the OO gauge Class 25 were released, Heljan are delighted to announce that all versions are now sold out with them!

We still have versions available (with low numbers left) which can be viewed HERE.

With interest in this superb new model remaining strong and positive reviews appearing across the model railway media, it's clear that we need to get some more versions out as quickly as possible. Batch 2 is already in preparation and will feature new variations on the BR green, BR Rail Blue and transitional themes as well as topping up the most popular livery options from the first batch. We will also complete the ETHEL story with a second variation of the original blue/grey livery.

The models will feature enhanced cab interior decoration to highlight the superb detail inside, plus a few 'tweaks' to the specification based on customer feedback. The cab interior lights will be omitted and the tail lights will now be independently switchable in DCC mode. Speaker installation for DCC sound will also be easier thanks to the provision of factory-fitted wire leads in the relevant plug/socket on the chassis PCB.

All models will also be supplied with an additional bag of bufferbeam detailing parts, as well as the existing selection of step and grille plates, snowploughs and couplers.

**Class 25 OO Gauge Batch 2

  • #2543 BR two-tone green SYP D5243
  • #2544 BR Rail Blue 25095 (with cab front numbers)
  • #2545 BR Blue/Grey 97251 'ETHEL 2' (alternative livery)
  • #2546 BR Rail Blue 25904
  • #2547 BR Rail Blue 25301 (domino headcodes)
  • #2548 BR two-tone green FYE 7561
  • #2549 BR Rail Blue 25323 (pre-1976)
  • #2570 BR Rail Blue 7513**

The 2nd batch expected later in 2021 can be viewed below:

2nd Batch