Peco Flexi Loco Lift Announced 14/04/2021

Peco Flexi Loco Lift Announced

Expected Summer 2021, prices TBA

Replaces the SL-43 Loco Lift

Available for pre order now!



The concept behind the new loco lift design is that it will be adjustable, suitable for N, OO-9, HOn3, HOm and OO/HO scales. Requiring some assembly, but very easy to construct, the modeller can set the gauge according to their needs. The single unit PT-60 will happily accommodate a small OO/HO locomotive such as an 0-6-0 shunter or tank engine, but adjusted for N scale a longer locomotive such as a Pacific will fit very easily. The PT-61 will be a two unit set, comprising two single units which are designed to be joined, so this will be perfect for longer OO/HO locomotives, or even a short train when adjusted for N. The principals of the new Flexi Loco Lift remain the same, with the ability to run your locomotive or train on and off the track, and the units are designed to stack, so are also a handy storage solution. It goes without saying that for all those scales between N and OO/HO the versatility of the Flexi Loco Lift will be much appreciated by a wider audience of modellers - remember that the old SL-43 was only suitable for OO/HO scale.