SE&CR 16' Covered Wagons 24/03/2021

The first of our SE&CR 16' Covered Goods Wagons Arrive!

RL-1424-013 SE&CR 16' Covered Goods Wagon with Experimental Doors finished in Wainwright SE&CR Grey and numbered. No.9944

Orders are being processed for those customers who have pre-ordered and these will be despatched shortly.

We have a limited amount remaining and available to order!


Another version also has arrived:

RL-1424-009 SE&CR 16' Covered Goods Wagon Maunsell SECR Grey No.1923

Again orders are being processed for those customers who have pre-ordered and these will be despatched shortly.

Unfortunately these are completely sold out on pre-order.

In 1904 the South Eastern & Chatham Railway introduced covered wagons to an increased length of 16 feet, though in appearance they resembled earlier South Eastern Railway designs. 110 wagons to this design were built up to 1908. Most were fitted with Hill's brake gear, which differed from the RCH or "freighter brakes" fitted to the wagons much later in their lives. The Hill's gear, featured in our new model, is of distinctive and asymmetrical appearance, Brakes were fitted to one side of the wagon only, with levers to apply them from either side.

Later batches were fitted with Mansell coach-type wheels, which we feature in this model. Also featured are roof vents. The prototypes were fitted with both Laycock, or torpedo, vents, and with "Eros" vents. The latter are quite distinctive in style, and we have chosen to represent this type.

These new models will be released in three liveries: SE&CR light grey, as built; the darker late SE&CR grey livery, introduced circa 1917, and SR brown livery, as applied between 1923 and 1936.

Just two of the wagons were fitted, in 1909, with experimental pressed steel doors. These doors were the product of The Leeds Forge Company, and had been supplied for wagons built for export. The General Manager of the Leeds firm, Francis L. Lane, persuaded Wainwright to try them. It is not known how long these doors remained fitted, so this variant is offered only in early SE&CR livery.

Manufactured using new cutting-edge technologies featuring:

  • A new, ultra high resolution, super strong aeronautical grade PU with a design life exceeding 25 years.
  • A build process using the very latest light technology and is infinitely flexible for making all variants.
  • Low volume production potential for niche, products previously not capable of being produced economically for RTR.
  • Rails aim to fill the need for niche products, which simply would not justify a large production run. As they are produced in limited quantities.

A tremendous amount of research and development has been put into this project to ensure accuracy and true replication has been achieved. The vans will be fitted with Alan Gibson finescale wheels for further accuracy.

The outstanding versions are expected to arrive soon.