Rails Connect Point Motors 30/03/2021

Introducing Rails Connect Point Motors!

A range of super high quality analogue and digital solenoid point motors designed with you in mind.

Crafted for Rails by DCCconcepts.

Expected to arrive April 2021.

Available to order single or in multipacks. Both analogue and digital versions are available.

Order now at a Special Introductory Price!

Rails Connect High Efficiency Surface Mount Point Motor

  • Smaller and shorter - suitable for all scales
  • Simple to install and adjust with unique mounting points
  • Connects directly to the tie-bar
  • Pre-wired, stripped and tinned - no soldering needed!

Rails Connect High Efficiency Under-Board Stainless Steel Point Motor

  • Stainless Steel frames - being in Sheffield, what else would we use?
  • 8 screw mounting points to give ultimate flexibility and ease of installation
  • Fits directly to the point with 6 legs that can connect to OO/HO and N points
  • Pre-wired, stripped and tinned - no soldering needed!