Heljan O Gauge Class 40 15/03/2021

Heljan O Gauge Class 40

The final pre-production samples arrived at Heljans Danish office today for review and will be thoroughly checked prior to approving the models for full production.

Expected May/June 2021

Priced at £466.65 with FREE UK POSTAGE!


Five versions are in preparation, covering the 20+ year BR career of these heavyweight English Electric Type 4s.

#4060 BR green unnumbered #4061 BR green unnumbered with small yellow panels #4062 BR green unnumbered with full yellow ends #4063 BR blue unnumbered (pre-1976) #4064 BR blue 40155 (with domino headcodes)

Standard features across all models include...

  • DCC Friendly chassis
  • LED headcode/tail lights
  • Heavy duty chassis
  • Twin motors
  • Twin flywheels
  • Fine detailing

class 40