Dapol OO Gauge 43xx Announcement 13/03/2021

Dapol are proud to announce the new range of OO Gauge Mogul models. New tooling is being produced to allow us to accurately create a wider range of the prototypes in model form.

General Specification

Many original GA drawings were used in the development of these accurate and authentic models. The locomotive will have all of the usual refinements that are expected to be found on all Dapol models including:

  • A die-cast compensated chassis
  • New cab with higher and shorter roof
  • Porthole cab windows above the firebox – where appropriate
  • Detailed cab interior with lever reverse
  • Full profile cylinder – no cut away
  • New motion bracket and boiler support
  • New straight Chimney – where appropriate
  • Original front Pony spring housing – where appropriate
  • New footplate with longer middle splasher on the right hand side
  • Brass plated safety valve casing
  • The front Bogie is also sprung and operates on a cam so the model will negotiate R2 curves with ease
  • Smooth sided tender where appropriate
  • Churchward tapered and Collet straight shank buffers and main footplate with prototypical overhang

DCC Ready and DCC Fitted versions available from us!

To view and pre order the range: CLICK HERE

For more detailed info inc spec and loco background: CLICK HERE

For the announcement video: CLICK HERE