KATO N SCALE CLASS 800 11/05/2021

UPDATE 11/05/21 - Class 800/0 GWR IET 800 021 5 Car Due this week


Expected June 2021

Due to arrive in June 2021, these two new N Scale (1:148) 5-car train packs are sure to be popular with modern image modellers. A companion Starter Set for each livery will also be available in the Gaugemaster Collection. The sets contain an oval of Kato UNITRACK and a Kato controller.

The Class 800 AT300 is a bi-mode multiple unit built by Hitachi for Great Western Railway and London North Eastern Railway. They use electric motors for traction, but in addition to operating on track with overhead electric wires, they have diesel generators to enable them to operate on unelectrified track. Based on the Hitachi A-train design, the trains were built by Hitachi between 2014 and 2018. The trains were assembled at the Hitachi Newton Aycliffe facility from bodyshells shipped from Kasado, Japan.

As part of its production, the Class 800 is a part of the Intercity Express Programme (IEP) and is in the Hitachi AT300 product family. The respective train operating companies has also given the units separate branding; under Great Western Railway, they are known as Intercity Express Trains and under London North Eastern Railway, they are known as Azuma.

Made by the legendary Japanese manufacturer KATO, a world leading company in the world of N Scale model railways. We’d also like to thank Hitachi, GWR and LNER for their helpfulness and assistance in bringing this project to market.

Features of the Kato Class 800 -

  • Five Car Train Pack.
  • Beautifully reproduced GWR and LNER livery and details.
  • Scale reproduction of the 26m coaches unique to British vehicles in 1:148 Scale.
  • Minimum radius Kato R282.
  • Directional LED lighting.
  • Equipped with a special coupler. It is possible to prototypically and easily run these units in multiple.
  • Flywheel Motor
  • Prototypical disc-braked wheels with no traction tyres.
  • DCC Ready.

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class 800

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