Murphy Models Announcement and News 02/03/2021

Murphy Models Announcement and News

Class 201 models can be pre ordered at the below:


Prices, images and descriptions will be updated over time. Same goes for the coaches, listings to be added once more information has been released!

201 Class locomotives

There will be short production runs of the 201 Class locomotive in three different liveries. These will be the most recent Enterprise livery, the interim Black & Silver 'Raccoon' livery and the Intercity green/silver livery with the current IE logo. Exact schedule is not available at present but it is hoped late 2021/first half 2022. Because of the small quantities involved, these will be allocated to model shops on a fair Pro-rata basis.

Mk2d Air-conditioned stock

The next release of these coaches will be produced in IR livery. Versions will be Full First, Composite, Standard, Restaurant and EGV. In addition, to complement the existing EGV and Restaurant stock, Standard class coaches in the 'Galway' livery will also be produced. Minor adjustments will be made to existing tooling where necessary. Similar schedule to Class 201.

Mk3 stock

It is over 20 years ago since Murphy Models last produced ready to run Irish Mk3 stock. It is planned to release a brand-new range of CIE, IR and IE Mk3 coaches featuring all new tooling incorporating all the unique features of the Irish Mk3. This will include items such as plug doors. Proposed versions across the liveries will be- EGV, First, Composite, City-Gold, Restaurant, Standard and Executive.

It is also planned to produce the suburban version of the Mk3 with the hopper windows as well as the push-pull driving trailer.


I am also considering a new production of Craven coaches. This is subject to there being enough interest to make such a project economically viable.