Accurascale MDO/MDV Wagons 02/03/2021

Accurascale 21 Ton Diamond Shine - Decorated MDO/MDVs Are Here!


Priced at £74.95 for a 3 pack of wagons

The unfitted 21 Ton mineral wagons (later MDO) were introduced in 1950 building on from previous GWR wagon designs. A total of 1,500 wagons were built to diagram 1/107 and featured oil axle boxes, two doors either side with another at one end only for end tipping. These wagons remained in service until 1987, running in block trains and mixed with other coal wagons such as 16 Ton minerals, 21 Ton hoppers, 24.5 Ton hoppers and others. The last outpost for MDOs was on workings between Llanelli and Swansea Docks as the unloading facility could not end-tip vacuum-fitted wagons at the time.

Meanwhile the vacuum braked 21 Ton mineral wagon (later MDV) began service in 1961 as a development of diagram 1/107 platform, featuring additional flap doors over the side doors, roller bearings and vacuum braking. A total of 3,950 wagons were built to the 1.120 that the Accurascale model represents. Once again these wagons ran both in block trains and mixed with other coal wagons such as 16 Ton minerals, 24.5 Ton minerals (later MEO) and hopper wagons like the 21 Ton BR hoppers. The MDVs soldiered on in service until 1992, representing an interesting traditional wagon throwback in the exciting railfreight sectorisation era.

You can purchase our exclusive Rails Limited model at the following link - Priced at £74.95:


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