Accurascale Coil Wagons 12/01/2021

Announcement from Accurascale!

Building Britain With Accurascale Coil A in OO/4mm Gauge!

As the photographs demonstrate, the Coil A wagons are well advanced in development, with a hand painted sample on display. Feedback amendments have been made back to the factory, particularly regarding the canvas hood, which will be significantly improved on production models. Rivet details and further tooling embellishments are also currently taking place to improve definition. The wagons themselves feature a wealth of detail and separately applied parts as modellers have come to expect from Accurascale. Despite these wagons having run with the tarpaulin in place only, Accurascale has modelled the full interior beneath the canvas cover, which can be easily removed to allow for cameo scenes in loading sidings.

Three packs of three individually numbered wagons will be available covering various stages of pre TOPS and then the TOPS era KAV coded wagons to reflect their operational lives from the early 1960s up to their withdrawal in 1992.


  • Pack of three wagons, each with individual numbers
  • NEM standard coupler pockets
  • Narrow tension lock couplers included
  • RP25.88 darkened profile sets with 14.4mm back-to-backs and 26mm over pinpoints
  • Metal 3-hole disc wagon wheels on metal axles - 12.6mm
  • Designed for easy conversion to P4 and EM gauges
  • Extra fine factory-fitted detail plastic parts and sprung buffers
  • Individual lettering and codes from real wagons for authenticity

They are priced at £74.94 and factory decorated samples are due in March, with delivery to customers expected in Q3 2021. These interesting wagons are now available to order below: