N Gauge Ecofret FWA Container Flats 05/01/2021

Now available to pre-order are the N Gauge Ecofret FWA Container Flat Wagon Triple and Twin Packs from Revolution Trains.

Expected Q2 / Q3 2021


N scale model of the VTG Ecofret FWA twin and triple container sets in use with DB Cargo, Freightliner and GBRf. VTG developed the new and innovative FWA “Ecofret” in twin and triple format as wagons which are shorter than traditional container flats, meaning that in a market dominated by 40’ containers they can carry a greater load per train length.

The Ecofrets were introduced from 2011 and can be seen in DB red (triple set), VTG green used by Freightliner (twin sets), GBRf blue and VTG dark blue liveries (triple sets).