IWA Wagon Twin Packs 17/02/2021

Revolution Trains IWA Cargowaggon Holdall Van and Timber Carrier Twin Packs are now available to pre-order at Rails in both OO Gauge and N Gauge!

Revolution is offering the IWA holdall vans and the associated timber carrier conversions. 160 vans were introduced in 1987 in 3 different liveries: unbranded, Norsk Hydro and Cargowaggon and have been used since then (and continue to be used) for a wide variety of goods from fertiliser to aluminium – all the vans are packaged as twin packs

Expected Q2/Q3 2021,



Built by Waggon Union from 1987 and their design incorporated integral one-piece sides and roofs so that each complete half can be lifted and slid over the other, using the distinctive handwheels at each end, for unencumbered loading and unloading.

When built they were operated by Cargowaggon GMbH and ISIS/Norsk Hydro. The Hydro wagons were primarily used to transport fertiliser from Immingham to destinations in the Midlands, Scotland and south Wales. Those in Cargowaggon livery saw more varied use on steel traffic, bottled water and newsprint in both block trains and Speedlink wagonload services. Many are still in use on trains carrying aluminium ingots from Ditton Foundry near Warrington to Nievenheim in Germany via the Channel tunnel. 30 of the Sfins2 vans have had the hoods removed and been converted into timber carriers which we are also offering.