New Peco 75th anniversary Catalogue 09/12/2020

New Peco catalogue is due soon! Information below from Peco:

*The new PECO catalogue has arrived, just in time for Christmas sales! Expanded to 212 pages, this fully-illustrated and informative publication is the modeller's' friend, the reference guide to keep close at hand. As well as detailing the range of products available from PECO, our other brands are included too: Ratio, Wills, Parkside by PECO, and PECO Modelscene. Tracksetta templates from Melcam Models are included too, as they are an integral part of the tracklayer's armoury. Useful articles are distributed throughout the book, helping modellers get the most out of our products.

Despite there being so much information available online, including on our own website, sales of the PECO catalogue remain strong, and certainly a new edition will create a flurry of sales. The catalogue is supplied with a copy of the retail price list, latest wagon brochure and a new static grass brochure. The good news is that the price is unchanged at £4.95 per copy. In stock now, supplied in singles.