Intelligent Detector *NEW* 03/12/2020

DCC concepts / Legacy Models have announced a new Intelligent Detector!

The Legacy Models LM-iD is an intelligent Inductive detector that is easy to install, trouble free and exceptionally reliable.

The first stock is due in the next few days. Available single and triple packs


  • Illuminate an LED when your train enters a section

  • Automatically change a point ahead of an approaching train

  • Send feedback to your DCC system when a section is occupied T

  • his and much, much more - the only limit is your imagination!

  • LM-iD works everywhere: On layouts built in every common modelling scale, with every brand of DCC system and with every computer control app IO input that can sense a high/low detection.

  • LM-iD is quick and simple: Every modeller can have LM-iD set up and operating reliably in just a few minutes.

  • LM-iD is super-reliable: Once installed it is exceptionally stable and requires no adjustment.

  • LM-iD reliably detects anything that alters the electrical state in the section: Examples are powered items such as Locomotives, illuminated coaches or rolling stock with resistive wheelsets. Even just a sin- gle tail lamp or a lamp in a Guards van or Caboose.

  • LM-iD is simple to install: It needs no soldering or complex set-up. It can be added later or at the time of layout creation. Just create a gap in one rail covering the area you wish to detect and pass the dropper wire which goes from the track power bus to that rail through the hole in the LM-iD coil. No other set-up or fiddling to do. It is that simple.

  • LM-iD is very easy to connect: Unlike other inductive detectors, every output uses screw terminals and we have even made it possible to easily add an external panel LED and directly connect to and operate both low voltage logic-level things and higher current items such as relays. (LM-ID will act without outside power, but powering external devices needs a power source added. This can be your DCC bus, or a simple regulated DC wall plug from your bottom drawer).

  • LM-iD can be used time after time and there is no limit to the number of LM-iD detectors on your layout!

  • Legacy LM-iD is available in single packs or packs of three. One-year warranty (but it won’t wear out and we don’t think you will be able to break it)

Installation Instructions

The Legacy LM-iD Intelligent Detector is an inductive detector that can be installed easily anywhere on your layout where you need track occupancy indication or an automatic trigger for other things.

  • LM-iD needs only one rail to work, but we recommend you isolate both rails of the track section using insulated joiners or by cutting the rails so that all your DCC sections are consistent. Solder or attach a dropper wire to each rail.
  • Pass ONE dropper wire through the hole in the transformer once or twice before connecting it to the track bus. (Please do not twist this wire and the other dropper wire together).
  • INPUT A: Attach 12v regulated DC or DCC track power to use LEDs or control an external device that needs power.
  • OUTPUT B: (Automation) Connect switching terminals of a DCCconcepts Cobalt REX, accessory decoder or Cobalt iP Digital turnout motor or similar items here to change them
  • OUTPUT B: (Onboard or Panel LEDs): Needs power to Input A. When nothing is detected, the red onboard LED will be OFF. If a loco or similar item is detected by your LM-iD detector the red onboard LED will be ON. You can attach an external LED here and it will repeat the onboard LED action.
  • OUTPUT C: 12V @ 250mA: Needs power to Input A. This works the same way as output B but allows switching of relays/other devices that need higher voltage and current.