Cavalex BARDON Hopper 18/11/2020

The Cavalex 4MM OO Gauge BARDON PHA/JGA Hopper wagons are now available to pre-order at here at Rails.


The price per wagon will be £45.00 and triple packs will be priced at £135.

All of the triple packs and single wagons will have different running numbers and prototypical decoration - which is to be confirmed.

The wagons will be available in the following liveries:

  • Bardon Hill Quarries livery - Green and Yellow - (1990 till early 2000s)
  • Bardon Aggregates livery - White and Blue - (late 1990s till mid 2010s)
  • Modern unbranded - Mid-grey body side and weathered chassis - (2014 till present)