Dapol O Gauge Class 122 Update 05/11/2020

Due for release soon is the O Gauge Class 122 models produced by Dapol, 5 versions being produced DCC ready, DCC fitted and with sound!

A video of the models has just been released by Dapol and can be viewed here:


Features of the Dapol O Gauge Class 122 will include:

  • Heavy Diecast chassis for added weight and superior tractive effort
  • Dual motorised power bogies with all wheel pickup
  • Lowered flooring to minimise the intrusion of the DCC speaker etc inside the model
  • Headcode and destination boxes with removable glazing permitting number to be mounted behind glazing.
  • Separate grab handles on passenger doors
  • Separate etched grills for guards windows
  • Interior detail inside guards area with separate lighting
  • Exquisite passenger compartment detailing
  • High level of detailing on the bogies and underframe of the locomotive