Rails Connect DCC Decoders 10/03/2021

Rails connect decoders include a 6 pin, 8 pin, 21 pin plus a high powered decoder. All are in stock now!

It's time to connect with the next generation of DCC Decoders.

Rails Connect DCC Decoders, Crafted by DCCconcepts, IN STOCK NOW!


We are pleased to announce a new range of DCC decoders are now available to purchase exclusively from Rails.

These high specification decoders include features such as:


  • Fully self-adjusting back-EMF for consistent performance
  • Support for coreless motors with a single CV change
  • Brown-out protection for silky-smooth motor operation (like having a built-in stay-alive!)
  • Super-simple 'plug & play' installation in DCC ready locomotives
  • UK based customer service and technical support
  • Crafted by our friends DCCconcepts

All 4 versions are now in stock: VIEW HERE

A link to the manual can be found here: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

For YouTuber Jenny Kirks review video of the Decoders & CDU: CLICK HERE TO VIEW