Rails Connect DCC Decoders 05/10/2020

It's time to connect with the next generation of DCC Decoders.

Rails Connect DCC Decoders, Crafted by DCCconcepts, IN STOCK NOW!


We are pleased to announce a new range of DCC decoders are now available to purchase exclusively from Rails.

These high specification decoders include features such as:


  • Fully self-adjusting back-EMF for consistent performance
  • Support for coreless motors with a single CV change
  • Brown-out protection for silky-smooth motor operation (like having a built-in stay-alive!)
  • Super-simple 'plug & play' installation in DCC ready locomotives
  • UK based customer service and technical support
  • Crafted by our friends DCCconcepts

Four versions are available to order, three of which are in stock now.