Fishbourne A1X Terrier 05/10/2020

We are pleased to announce that the DCC Ready Southern Green "Fishbourne" A1X Stroudley Terrier No.9 has arrived in stock and available to purchase now!

4S-010-011 "Fisbourne" SR Green A1X Terrier No.9


This latest arrival follows other recent arrivals which include the SECR Green, BR (ex Isle of Wight), Southern, the WCPR and the GWR version.

All other remaining versions are hot on the heels and expected soon. Pre-ordering is highly recommended as some have limited allocations remaining.


DCC Fitted / DCC Sound Version UPDATE

We know many are eager to get their hands on the DCC fitted and sound fitted versions of our terrier models. We apologise for the delay in getting these models to you. Upon a recent review process we took the decision to reevaluate and slightly improve the installation method. The installation has now restarted and we expect to see some DCC fitted and sound models to arrive in the next couple of weeks.