Bargain Class 121 Dummy Units 05/10/2020

Save over 50% off RRP on these Dapol N Gauge Class 121 Dummy units at JUST £29.95 each.

Three versions to choose from:

  • 2D-009-100 Class 121 #55028 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels)
  • 2D-009-101 Class 121 #55020 BR Green with Whiskers
  • 2D-009-102 Class 121 #55030 BR Blue / Grey

All Unpowered Dummy Versions

Limited Numbers Available


The BR Class 121 is a type of DMU built by Pressed Steel Company in Cowley in 1960. In all 16 single car driving vehicles or bubble cars as they were nicknamed and 10 trailer cars entered service during 1960. Two are still in service today and eight survive into preservation. The Class 121 was initially designed for use on branchline duties in the Western Region of BR and over its long service life has seen many modifications and changes on refurbishment including the removal of the distinctive front exhausts and the plating over of the 4 digit roof level head code indicator box in the 1970's.

The Dapol Model of the 121 features:

  • Finely detailed body with many extra fitted items.
  • Directional headlights and head code.
  • Light Bar ready
  • Complete with both standard and Easy Fit magnetic couplers
  • Accessory Bag with optional fitted parts