OO Gauge Telescopic Hood Wagons 21/08/2020

Dapol have announced that they are producing a new batch of the hugely popular OO Gauge Telescopic Hood Wagons!

Expected Q1 2021, these are available to pre-order today for £29.75 each. CLICK HERE

The Dapol model features

  • Highly detailed body moulding with sliding roof and body section
  • Many separately added components and etched details
  • Comes with steel coil loads
  • Accurately applied livery
  • NEM pockets
  • Profiled wheels

The telescopic hood wagon, designated KIA by the TOPS nomenclature system was built by Linke Hofmann Busch in Germany in 1979. One hundred and four were built and originally operated by VTG and then more recently by Tiphook. Their design with sliding roof and body sections ensured the efficient loading and transport of high grade sheet steel in rolls or coils which was subsequently delivered in perfect condition. These wagons were often seen in rakes of more than 10 wagons.