Class 86 AL6 Samples 19/08/2020

Heljan have shared some Factory Decorated AL6s sample images!!

The long-awaited OO gauge BR 'AL6' (Class 86/0) models are almost ready for production. As these factory decorated samples show, they take the story of the '86s' right back to the beginning, covering original BR 1960s blue and Rail Blue livery variations across the 1965-80 period.

Please note that the samples shown here are pre-production versions, subject to various improvements and corrections identified during Heljan's review.

Seven versions will be offered, ranging from 'as delivered' BR blue with red bufferbeams and white upper cab areas through to late-1970s Rail Blue with TOPS numbers.

Improvements over Heljan's previous '86s' include LED lighting, a 21-pin DCC decoder interface, retooled bodies with improved shape and finer detail and a new finer scale Faiveley pantograph.

HELJAN BR ‘AL6’ - Class 86/0 – 1965-80

  • 8650: ‘As built’ BR blue E3104 with lion and wheel emblem
  • 8651: BR blue E3114 with lion and wheel emblem (small yellow panel)
  • 8652: BR blue E3178 (full yellow end)
  • 8653: BR Rail Blue E3146 with white cab roof (full yellow end)
  • 8654: BR Rail Blue E3134 (full yellow end)
  • 8655: BR Rail Blue 86036 (full yellow end, orange cantrail stripe)
  • 8656: BR Rail Blue 86034 (full yellow end) WEATHERED

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