O Gauge 57xx Pannier 18/08/2020

Dapol's new O gauge Class 57xx Pannier Tank locomotives are now in stock!

Initially arriving DCC ready, with the DCC fitted and sound fitted versions arriving shortly after.

  • 7S-007-007 Class 57xx Pannier 9669 BR Black Late Crest
  • 7S-007-008 Class 57xx Pannier 6739 BR Black Early Crest
  • 7S-007-009 Class 57xx Pannier Ex 5775 GNSR Lined Caramel
  • 7S-007-010 Class 57xx Pannier 8784 Great Western Green
  • 7S-007-011 Class 57xx Pannier 7714 BR Black Late Crest
  • 7S-007-012 Class 57xx Pannier 8763 BR Lined Black Early Crest

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Features of the 57XX & 8750 will include:

  • Die cast Chassis and footplate for excellent adhesion and pulling power
  • Powerful 5 pole motor providing fine power control
  • Beautifully detailed body with correct body type variations applied where relevant with many separately added details
  • Partial representation of working inside motion and many other exquisite fine details including:
  • Four cabs for original 57XX, Later 57XX, 8750 Collett cab and London Transport cab
  • Sprung Buffers
  • Removable roof, secured with magnets for ease of fitting engine crew
  • Working cab doors, where fitted
  • Flickering fire box glow
  • Ash pan with correct double brake rodding
  • Expertly applied livery
  • Wheels conform to the new O Gauge standard, suitable for O Super Fine
  • DCC Ready with a 21 pin decoder socket
  • Sound fitted versions offered, Sound recorded from L92

The 5700 class were introduced in 1929, whilst the 8750 class followed in 1933 and by 1950 863 locomotives had been constructed, making this perhaps the most successful 0-6-0. G.W.R. Classification: Group C, Route Blue, changed to yellow under B.R. B.R. Classification: 3F. Designed for shunting and short freight workings, however it soon became clear that other duties could be performed such as branch passenger working and mainline freight, being widespread across the system.