Exclusive OO BBA & BLA Packs 14/09/2020

We have a small allocation of our triple packs that were previously reserve stock which we can now offer for sale!

This is the last stock available and it is literally a handful of each version. Don't delay, order today before its too late.

Order now to secure yours, CLICK HERE

The wagons features:

  • Etched mesh deck,
  • Prototypical replica bogie (a first on a 4mm RTR wagon),
  • Fully detailed underframe,
  • Detailing pack including: Additional brake callipers for easy EM/P4 conversion, Steps, Screw link couplings, Brake pipes, NEM blanking plate (another first on a 4mm wagon), and additional brass stanchions.

Rails in partnership with Cavalex models are producing three exclusive OO gauge BLA and two exclusive BBA bogie steel wagon packs

Each pack contains three wagons, each with a unique running number. Each pack also consists wagon variations such as Railfreight logo and other livery elements, for example; logo or no logo, not to be loose shunted text alignment, position of elements and style and types of Data panels.

The set of three wagons are priced at £135.00

The BLA wagons were converted to BBA in 1994 and used predominately in South Wales before seeing use to the Midlands and North East of England. These too ran in block trains and were also mixed with other wagon types.