N Gauge Maunsell High Window Coaches 21/07/2020

Dapol have today announced that they are producing Maunsell High Window Coaches in N Gauge.

From Dapol: The High window Maunsell Coaches will initially be produced in lined olive green, further liveries will be phased in to expanded the range . Model EP’s shown for illustration only, decorated samples reviewed and feedback provided to the factory. Photographs to follow.

Available individually or as a four and six car pack

  • 2P-014-001 Maunsell High Window 4 coach Set Lined Olive Green Set # 193
  • 2P-014-002Maunsell High Window 6 coach set Lined Olive Green Set # 456
  • 2P-014-003 Maunsell High Window BTK Coach Lined Olive Green 3730
  • 2P-014-004 Maunsell High Window CK Coach Lined Olive Green 5635
  • 2P-014-005 Maunsell High Window FK Coach Lined Olive Green 7228
  • 2P-014-006 Maunsell High Window TK Coach Lined Olive Green 1122

Expected Late Q3 / Early Q4 2020, Pre-order today HERE