Heljan OO Class 25 Artwork 21/07/2020

Following on from the update yesterday, Heljan have today shared artwork for all versions. These have now been added to our site.

Heljan have shared a OO GAUGE CLASS 25 UPDATE yesterday...

"Due to circumstances beyond our control it's been far too long since our last update on the OO gauge Class 25 project. However, we can at last report some positive progress with the arrival of the first factory decorated sample. Depicting BR green D7647 'as delivered' it is one of 12 versions covering the entire BR career of this popular and versatile BR/Sulzer Type 2 (see below for the full list). As always, please bear in mind that this is a pre-production sample and subject to modification and correction before production gets underway. However, we can report that this sample features refinements over previous EPs, including the removal of bolt heads from the windscreen frames and tail light surrounds. We are now pushing to complete these models as soon as possible and hope to deliver them to UK retailers in the final quarter of 2020."

HELJAN Class 25s

  • 2530 BR 2T green D7647 (small yellow panels)
  • 2531 BR 2T green D5244 (small yellow panels) WEATHERED
  • 2532 BR 2T green D7550 (full yellow ends)
  • 2533 BR early blue D7661 (small yellow panels)
  • 2534 BR blue D7667 (full yellow ends)
  • 2535 BR blue 25252 (LMR)
  • 2536 BR blue 25155 (WR) WEATHERED
  • 2537 BR blue 25093 (ScR/LMR)
  • 2538 BR 'Ice Cream Van' livery 25912 Tamworth Castle
  • 2539 BR Railtour 2T green D7672 Tamworth Castle
  • 2540 BR blue/grey 97250 'ETHEL 1'
  • 2541 InterCity 97252 'ETHEL 3'