Bachmann Class 20/3 09/07/2020

Bachmann have shared some first decorated sample shots and a a short clip of their forthcoming Class 20/3 locomotives!

Take a look at the video here

Expected to arrive December 2020, these are available to pre-order today CLICK HERE

The new Bachmann Branchline model has been designed from the rails up, capturing the familiar Class 20 shape along with the numerous details which characterised these refurbished machines. The bogies are intricately detailed with separate pipework, including the distinctly-shaped sandpipes which are reproduced in metal and even the maker’s name which is cast into the axle-boxes. Between the bogies, the battery boxes and ancillary components are not overlooked either – with the usual high standard of livery application bringing this area to life.

The immense attention to detail extends above the solebar too, with the rich blue of DRS and striking orange of HNRC replicated to amazing effect even before logos, running numbers, and other printed elements are considered. Detailing extends to the cab interior with suitable decoration too.

NEM coupling pockets and sprung buffers are a given and the model also features etched steps and fan grille, plus metal handrails throughout. Lighting features include directional lights with day and night mode options along with cab lights too. The Plux22 DCC Decoder interface allows these lighting functions to be controlled via DCC, but analogue users can also configure the lighting to their requirements via the easy-access switches on the underside of the model. A pre-fitted speaker makes it easy for those wising to add DCC sound.

Three models are planned for release:

  • 35-125 Class 20/3 20306 DRS Blue
  • 35-126 Class 20/3 20312 DRS Compass (Original)
  • 35-127 Class 20/3 20311 Harry Needle Railroad Company