O Gauge GWR Diesel Railcar 04/07/2020

Heljan O Gauge GWR Diesel Railcar Decorated Samples Arrive

While some locomotive projects hog the limelight, other new products seem to develop 'under the radar'. One example is Heljan's O gauge GWR Diesel Railcar, the first factory decorated samples of which have now reached Heljan for review. 

GWR chocolate/cream, BR crimson/cream and BR green versions are being produced, with two of each covering livery variations such as original and post-war GWR decoration, and authentic variations in roof colour applied during BR days.

GWR and BR models also differ in the design of their windscreen wipers and bogie drive shafts. However, the big news on this model is the lighting, which features separately switchable train identification marker and tail lights and switchable cab and saloon interior lighting. In DCC mode these can be activated at the push of a button (21-pin decoder interface), while DC analogue users can configure the lighting using switches hidden under the body. 

Expected Q4 2020, Pre-Order Today!

(Payment is not taken until product has arrived and is ready to despatch)