Class 92 EP Breaks Cover 22/06/2020

Exciting times, and indeed it's been a long time coming, but Accurascale can finally unveil the first engineering prototype of the charismatic and complex Class 92!

The birth of the Accurascale model of the Dyson has been almost as complex as the locomotives themselves.

Being the geeks for detail that Accurascale are, they really wanted to push the envelope for this model. As you can see from the roof detail above, we have really gone all out, even securing the service of a Class 92 expert (who will remain nameless, but he knows who he is and we can never thank him enough!). So much so, that when the factory we selected to do the model saw our technical specs and what we wanted they put their hands up and said they couldnt do it.

So, they had to start all over again with a new factory. Thankfully, we had the full support and assistance of ESU to help us with this project. They've been invaluable in helping us with the complex lighting arrangements, as well the operating pantographs, which will feature full ESU tech. This truly is a continental standard of locomotive!

About those pantographs! Well, they're currently being tested on another sample by ESU, and they will have a full video update in the coming weeks demonstrating their operation and functionality, so keep an eye out for that! We think you will find them most impressive indeed.

Details are key on any new model, and the Class 92 certainly doesn’t disappoint, particularly in the roof section. The complex collection of equipment has been caught superbly, with a large array of separately applied detail mirroring the prototypes. Etched grills also add an extra level of finesse and detail to the Dysons, as well as etched windscreen wipers, providing a top of the line model these interesting, complex and charismatic beasts deserve.

Several areas of the model are in need of improvement, including the cabside window area, bogie detail, as well as extensive testing and look of the pantographs. These areas will be rectified on the production models, so don't worry! Details like the front airdam will be included on the final models.

The weighty prototype samples feature a large 5 pole skew-wound motor with twin flywheels, helical cut gearing for smoothness and all-wheel drive, and is currently undergoing performance testing and assessment.

We have two exclusive Class 92 models which are available to pre-order now, both DCC ready and DCC sound.

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