New OO Heljan Class 45 22/06/2020

Heljan have shared some images of a hand painted easy production sample of their forthcoming OO Class 45!

One of several BR blue variants in the pipeline, this loco demonstrates the level of detail that is going into these models, which include the first dedicated RTR models ever produced of the ETH fitted Class 45/1s (as opposed to standard 45/0 tooling decorated as a 45/1).

This is an early sample of the new model - modified samples with a number of improvements are expected shortly.

PLEASE NOTE Heljan are aware that 45133 does not have the smaller bodyside grilles but this is a pre-production sample displayed purely to give an idea of how the decorated models will look. It is NOT indicative of the final detail combination of any specific version.

Livery artwork is complete and approved and as soon as the tooling modifications are approved we will move swiftly to the decorated sample stage and, soon after that, to production.

Batch 1 will include eight models for general release covering the entire BR career of the Class 45s and a mind-boggling range of detail variations covering grilles, boiler roof panels, steps, bogie and underframe details, air tanks, nose end designs and authentic lighting options.

  • #45100 BR green D31
  • #45101 BR green SYP D57
  • #45104 BR blue 64 Coldstream Guardsman
  • #45300 BR blue 45003 (sealed beam ends)
  • #45304 BR blue 45033 'Sirius' (sealed beam ends and Tinsley painted names)
  • #45402 BR blue 45133
  • #45501 Tinsley Railtour green 45105 (HI headlight)
  • #45502 BR blue 45118 (HI headlight)

In addition to these general release locos there Rails of Sheffield have two exclusive versions,

  • Class 45/1 'Grenadier Guardsman' D65
  • Class 45/0 Class 45060 'Sherwood Forester'

Pre-order all versions HERE