MK3 Sleepers 05/06/2020

Dapol have announced some new N gauge MK3 Sleeper coaches!

Expected in shops End Q3 2020

Pre-order now for £25.45 each,


Eight liveries announced;

  • 2P-006-001 Mk 3 Sleeper BR Blue Grey 10510
  • 2P-006-002 Mk 3 Sleeper BR Executive 10701
  • 2P-006-003 Mk 3 Sleeper GWR Riviera Green 10632
  • 2P-006-004 Mk 3 Sleeper Jervis Departmental DB 977989\
  • 2P-006-005 Mk 3 Sleeper FGW 'Fag Packet' 10612
  • 2P-006-006 Mk 3 Sleeper FGW Dynamic Lines 10601
  • 2P-006-007 Mk 3 Sleeper First-Scotrail Caledonian 10666
  • 2P-006-008 Mk 3 Sleeper Serco Departmental DB 977989

Features of the Dapol Mk3 Sleeper will include:

  • Finely detailed body, underframe and bogies
  • Innovative lightbar feature where an optional Dapol Lightbar can be fitted
  • NEM coupling as standard
  • Fine application of livery and decoration details

A Network of trains with sleeping cars operates daily between London and Scotland (Caledonian Sleeper), and between London and the West Country as far as Cornwall (Night Riviera). Using rolling stock designed and formerly operated by British Rail, these services offer single or double– occupancy bedrooms. These services operate all week, except Saturdays and usually depart London (Euston and Paddington) in the evening, arriving at their destinations at approximately 08:00. Both Services use British Rail Mk3 sleeper coaches although the Caledonian sleeper is having their coaches replaced with Mk5 coaches.