Heljan O Gauge Class 47 29/05/2020

Heljan O Gauge Class 47 Update.....

Thanks to Brian Daniels for these superb images of Heljan's latest O gauge Class 47 pre-production sample hand-painted in classic BR blue.

Heljan are currently undertaking final modifications to the design and tooling of this model before moving to the factory decoration stage. Artwork for the decoration is currently in progress and will be shared when it is ready.

New from the ground up, this Class 47 is a replacement for our original O gauge Class 47 released many years ago and will be available in 1960s/70s steam heat 47/0 guise with glazed headcode panels (V2) and as later non-boilered loco with high intensity headlights, covering both freight and ETH-fitted variants.


  • 4850 BR 2T green with small yellow panels
  • 4851 BR 2T green with full yellow ends
  • 4852 BR blue with full yellow ends V3
  • 4860 BR blue 47/4 with full yellow ends
  • 4861 BR large logo blue 47/4
  • 4862 Railfreight 'Red Stripe' grey
  • 4863 Railfreight sector 3T grey unbranded
  • 4864 BR Civil Engineers grey/yellow
  • 4865 BR Parcels red/grey
  • 4866 InterCity Executive unbranded
  • 4867 Network SouthEast (original design)

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