Heljan OO9 Baldwin 2-4-2T Lyn 29/05/2020

Heljan's lovely little OO9 model of Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Baldwin 2-4-2T 'LYN' is progressing quickly, with the first factory decorated samples received this week for approval. Thanks to the expert help from friends at the 'new' L&BR, these feature highly detailed artwork appropriate to each period of the loco's career (9981-9885 only. 9980 is an undecorated black loco aimed at freelance modellers).

Standard features include a working LED headlamp, 6-pin DCC decoder interface, detachable couplers, etched metal cowcatchers, and numerous parts specific to period and livery, including coal rails, chimneys, smokebox doors, water tank filler hatches, whistles and safety valves.

Please note: The pre-production models shown are not the final approved versions and are subject to correction/modification before production starts.

These superb models should be released in late-2020 in the following guises.

Heljan L&BR Baldwin 2-4-2T models

  • 9980 Undecorated Black
  • 9981 L&BR dark green Lyn (pre-1906)
  • 9982 L&BR dark green Lyn (1906-22)
  • 9983 SR dark green E782 Lyn (1923-29)
  • 9984 SR Maunsell green E782 Lyn (1929-32)
  • 9985 SR Maunsell green E782 Lyn (1932-35)

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