New Gaugemaster Cleaning Wagon 14/05/2020

Gaugemaster have just announced another version of the Track Cleaning Wagon due for release September 2020!

Due to popular demand we are re-running our Track Cleaning Wagon, previously available in Network Rail livery GM4430101

As you can see from the image above, this new run is in Railfreight livery, so it will be more suitable for layouts set in a slightly earlier era.

This is the evergreen PIKO Track Cleaning vehicle with a modern British twist. Fitted with NEM tension lock couplings, this vehicle is hauled around your layout and dust is collected by the track cleaning pads mounted underneath the wagon. This wagon is in no way prototypical but will be an essential part of keeping your track clean. A replacement cleaning pad can be purchased under reference GM4930101.

Scale: OO Product Type: Wagon Continent: UK Country: British Operator: British Rail Length over buffers:160mm Minimum Radius: 358mm Couplings:NEM Tension Lock Age recommendation:14 years and older