Product Recall 14/05/2020

Dapol have issued a product recall on the recently released motorised water tower.

Dapol have released the following press release:

Dapol undertakes stringent testing on all of its products and only grants permission to go into production when we are confident that a product meets the very highest quality and safety standards.

Subsequent to these approvals we have discovered that a substandard component has been used during production of our operating water tower. Under certain circumstances, this component has been shown to fail when used with a 15vAC power supply.

Therefore, we are issuing a product recall for these and request the items are returned to place of purchase for a refund for this item.

Replacement product with correctly specified components will become available in due course.

The affected products:

  • 4A-002-002 Motorised Water Tower
  • 4A-002-004 Motorised Water Tower
  • 4A-002-006 Motorised Water Tower
  • 4A-002-008 Motorised Water Tower

Customers who have purchased through Rails, Next Step:

Rails will contact everyone who has purchased the affected product/s within the next 72 hours with details on returning and receiving the refund.

If after 72 hours you have not heard anything then contact us however please do NOT contact us regarding this issue before 72 hours has passed.

We are running with reduced skeleton staff who are working as fast as possible to resolve the issue.