OO Large Prairie Tank 19/03/2020

Dapol have given an update on the forthcoming OO Large Prairie Tank Locomotive project.

They are pleased to announce that the project has entered the tooling stage! The final CADs have been approved and first shots are expected late 2020. Artwork is also underway and expected to be shown in the near future.

These are available to order DCC Ready, DCC Fitted and DCC Sound Fitted.

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Detail for the connoisseur

Many original GA drawings were used in the development of these accurate and authentic models. GWR 5108

To portray these locomotives over their lifetime the following details will be available where they are applicable through the addition of many separately added details

  • Two different styles of safety valve cover
  • Bunker lamp bracket shield
  • Smoke box top mounted lamp bracket
  • Smoke box door mounted lamp bracket for B.R. period
  • Smoke box number plate for B.R. period
  • Separately fitted top feed pipes and hand rails
  • Separately fitted lifting rings
  • Screw down and flip top water filler covers
  • With and without cab side shutters
  • Real Drive fitted as standard option to all Dapol factory installed sound fitted models
  • Dapol’s expertise in tool planning and design has allowed for other desirable Prairie variations to modelled at later dates such as the 3100, later 5100 and the 8100 prairies to be produced

The 5101 class of large prairie locomotives were updated versions of the 3100 class and built between 1929 and 1939 which included the 6100 series, with a higher boiler pressure and designed for London suburban services. The final built between 1946 and 1949 with the last twenty not receiving Great Western livery.

During December 1965 the last eleven locomotives were withdrawn all being from the 6100 batch. Dapol shall be manufacturing these models from the early 1930’s when cab side shutters were added.