New N Gauge HST Packs 16/03/2020

Dapol have announced a new batch of their very popular N gauge Class 43 HST packs.

We are also pleased to reveal an exclusive LNER "NRM 40" twin pack which contains 43238 "NRM 40" 40th Anniversary LNER Power Car & 43302 “World Speed Record - HST" LNER Trailer Car.

This is a very limited production pack and pre-ordering is highly recommended.


Other versions announced include:

  • 2D-019-010 Class 43 HST Intercity 125 Blue/Grey (W43015 / W43190) 4 Car HST Book Set
  • 2D-019-011 Class 43 HST FGW `Fag Packet' (43005/43009) 4 Car HST Book Set
  • 2D-019-012 Class 43 HST EMR Ex LNER Ex VEC (43251/43295) 4 Car HST Book Set
  • 2D-019-201 Class 43 HST InterCity Executive Twin Pack (W43131 & W43128)
  • 2D-019-202 Class 43 HST InterCity Swallow Twin Pack (W43041 & W43166)

Plus individual coaching stock:

  • 2P-005-324 MK3 FGW 'Fag Packet' 1st Class 41014
  • 2P-005-341 MK3 FGW 'Fag Packet' 2nd Class 42019
  • 2P-005-342 MK3 FGW 'Fag Packet' 2nd Class 42020
  • 2P-005-323 MK3 GWR Green 1st Class 41159
  • 2P-005-339 MK3 GWR Green 2nd Class 42579
  • 2P-005-340 MK3 GWR Green 2nd Class 42300

Due Q3 2020