Belmond British Pullman + New Arrivals 27/12/2019

Hornby's R3774 Class 67024 DB Cargo UK 'Belmond British Pullman' Diesel Locomotive and the R3750 Belmond 'British Pulman' Train Pack are now in stock

The single locomotive is available to order now for £143.99 with FREE UK Postage and the train pack for £269.99 with FREE UK Postage.

Other items arrived include:

  • R3699 British Railways 2-Hil Pack
  • R3700 Southern Railway 2-Bil Pack
  • R3729 LNER Thompson Class O1
  • R3730 BR Thompson Class O1
  • R3737 'Mallard' BR Class A4
  • R3803TTS Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle with TTS Sound
  • R3804 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
  • R6907 LMS 20T Brake Van
  • R6907A LMS 20T Brake Van
  • R6909 BR D2068 20T Brake Van
  • R6909A BR 2068 20T Brake Van
  • R6911 Goods Brake Van
  • R6911A LSWR 20T 'New Van' Goods Brake Van
  • R6913 Diag.1543 SR Goods Brake Van
  • R6913A Diag.1543 SR Goods Brake Van
  • R6915 BR Diag.1543 BR Goods Brake Van
  • R6915A BR Diag.1543 BR Goods Brake Van

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