Rails Limited - Wainwright D Class 29/05/2020

UPDATE: Dapol have just taken delivery of the 2nd EP (engineering prototype) of the Wainwright D Class!

This is currently under review by Dapol's R&D team.

The decorated samples are due early August (a little delayed unfortunately due to CV-19)

This is the first time that this locomotive has been produced in OO in ready to run form. It has been produced using the preserved No.737 locomotive in association with the team of expert contributors from the museum and specialist modellers.

Six versions are available to Pre-order through Rails, view more details here:


The models can be pre-ordered from today for a deposit of £30.00.

Delivery is expected in Q3/Q4 2020 and our aim is to produce the model for less than £200 (subject to £ / USA $ exchange rates on delivery)

The 2nd EP sample now here and is currently under review.

Models will have NEM coupling pockets, Next-18 Decoder socket, ‘pullout’ PCB and solderless speaker (plus provision for customer to fit Bass reflex speaker in tender). Locomotives will feature a firebox flicker effect. Another feature is the drawbar between the locomotive and tender which is of a new ‘pinless’ type carrying the electrical connection. Dapol are the first manufacturer to use this type of drawbar on a British outline OO scale locomotive. To couple the locomotive to the tender it is necessary to connect on it on a straight piece of track to enable them to be pushed together.