Graham Farish due this month 07/10/2019

There are some exciting new Graham Farish releases due in stock this month!

Firstly the Castle Pullman Set which features a Digital DCC sound fitted Castle class locomotive along with a pair of pullman coaches.

We also are expecting three new WD Austerity locomotives, three new Class 20 locomotives plus a selection of rolling stock.

Full list expected:

  • 370-160 Castle Pullman Digital Sound Train Set
  • 372-428 WD Austerity 3085 LNER Black (LNER Original)
  • 372-425A WD Austerity 90441 BR Black (Early Emblem) [W]
  • 372-429 WD Austerity 79250 'Major-General McMullen' LMR Lined Blue
  • 371-038 Class 20/0 Headcode Box D8158 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels)
  • 371-034A Class 20/0 Headcode Box 20156 BR Railfreight (Red Stripe)
  • 371-032A Class 20/0 Disc Headcode 20048 BR Blue
  • 373-928 30T Bogie Bolster WD Khaki Green With Sheeted WW1 Tank Load [WL]
  • 373-929 30T Bogie Bolster LMS Grey [WL]
  • 373-930 30T Bogie Bolster C BR Bauxite (Late) [W]

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