Great Central Railway Station Sets 25/06/2019

The GCR (Great Central Railway) Station buildings are in stock now!

The models have previously been available in Green & Cream livery – originally used by the GCR in the early 20th century and the condition in which Rothley Station is currently presented. Due to popular demand these models make a welcome return along with the addition of two further colour schemes of Brown & Cream, suitable for the 1920s-1940s and as Quorn & Woodhouse Station appears today, and Maroon & Cream harking back to the 1950s-1960s when the line was under the control of BR Midland Region

Each set consists of a high-level Station Entrance and Staircase, a Station Booking Office and Canopy, a Waiting Room and Toilet. Matching Road Bridges are also available to complete the station scene. Each model is hand-painted with features including etched windows & signs and separately applied detail parts such as fire-buckets and lamps.


Details of the items are as follows:

  • 44-115A – Gentlemen’s Toilet GCR Green & Cream
  • 44-115B – Gentlemen’s Toilet 1920s-40s Brown & Cream
  • 44-115C – Gentlemen’s Toilet – 1950s-60s Maroon & Cream
  • 44-116A – Waiting Room GCR Green & Cream
  • 44-116B – Waiting Room 1920s-40s Brown & Cream
  • 44-116C – Waiting Room 1950s-60s Maroon & Cream
  • 44-117A – Station Booking Office and Canopy GCR Green & Cream
  • 44-117B – Station Booking Office and Canopy 1920s-40s Brown & Cream
  • 44-117C – Station Booking Office and Canopy 1950s-60s Maroon & Cream
  • 44-119A – High-Level Station Entrance GCR Green & Cream
  • 44-119B- High-Level Station Entrance 1920s-40s Brown & Cream
  • 44-119C – High-Level Station Entrance 1950s-60s Maroon & Cream
  • 44-121 – Central Single Track Road Bridge